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General Lifestyle

No cost

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  • Where possible use natural cleaning products

  • Put a layer of foil under old ironing board covers to reflect heat and save energy

  • Close curtains at dusk to keep heat in

  • Put curtains behind radiators to let heat into the room

  • Turn off radiators in unused rooms then keep doors closed

  • Turn down your water heating thermostat if above 60°C

  • Save water by taking short showers instead of baths

  • Reusable food containers or a plate on top of a dish in the fridge saves money on foil and clingfilm

  • Where possible choose locally grown food that is in season

  • Take your own shopping bags with you

  • Defrost freezers regularly to keep them running more efficiently

  • Recycle more if possible

  • Buy products made from recycled materials

  • If you have a garden you could compost at home

  • Register for free with the Mailing Preference Service to stop junk mail

  • Re-use items such as batteries, cutlery, plates

  • Travel in the most sustainable way

Low cost (£50 or less)

  • Switch to a green energy supplier or a green tariff with your cur-rent provider. Prices are usually comparable but it is worth checking carefully

These Tips are compiled from a variety of web and literature sources
More information can be found on the Energy Saving trust website
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