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Energy Saving

No cost

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  • Switch off appliances at the socket rather than leaving them on standby

  • Always turn lights off when you leave a room

  • Boil only the amount of water you need

  • Use lids on saucepans when cooking and use the right size hob ring

  • Defrost frozen foods before cooking foods where suitable

  • Only use a dishwasher for full loads or use half load wash function where possible

  • Rinse plates in cold water or don’t rinse them at all before putting in a dishwasher

  • Use a lower temperature setting on dishwashers and washing machines

  • Try to avoid tumble drying clothes. At least part dry outside or on an airer

  • Do less ironing, just fold when dry where suitable

  • Let food cool before putting in the fridge or freezer

  • If your water heater has a thermostat see if you can turn it down a little. 50°C is usually enough

Low cost (£50 or less)

These Tips are compiled from a variety of web and literature sources
More information can be found on the Energy Saving trust website
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